Internet Explorer 8 och webbstandarder
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Har du inte läst denna underbara artikel av Joel Spolsky så är det dags nu. Han förklarar, på ett lättfattligt och humoristiskt sätt, Internet Explorer 8 och webbstandard… Eller är det en standard…? 😉

Look at the scenario from the customer’s standpoint. You visit 100 websites a day. You then upgraded to IE 8. On half of them, the page is messed up, and Google Maps doesn’t work at all.

You’re going to tell your friends, “Don’t upgrade to IE 8. It messes up every page, and Google Maps doesn’t work at all.” Are you going to View Source to determine that website X is using nonstandard HTML, and Google Maps doesn’t work because it is using non-standard JavaScript objects from old versions of IE that were never accepted by the standards committee? Of course not. You’re going to uninstall IE 8. (Those websites are out of your control. Some of them were developed by people who are now dead. The only thing you can do is go back to IE 7).

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