Detta är en mycket läsvärd artikel om hur en två år gammal glassbar i San Francisco har 290.000 (!) fler följare på Twitter i jämförelse mot stadens 150 år gamla tidning San Francisco Chronicle. Dessutom beskrivs hur glassbaren, genom sociala medier, får kunder att släppa ”allt” för att komma och köpa den limiterade glassen för dagen.

The shop, which produces such exotic flavors as prosciutto ice cream and beet sorbet, has 301,352 followers on Twitter vs. the 223,539 individuals who buy the print edition of the San Francisco Chronicle on an average weekday or the 10,639 people who follow the paper’s website on Twitter.

Think about it: A barely two-year-old business with no marketing budget in a modest storefront in a less-than-fashionable part of town now has a larger and arguably more passionate audience than a once-mighty metro daily that traces its history back to 1865.

How did it happen and what does it portend for what’s left of the Chronicle and the newspaper business?

Apart from the fantastic Fudgesicle sorbet and Guinness gingerbread ice cream on offer at Humphry Slocombe, the unassuming start-up has mastered the art of zero-cost online marketing through such media as Twitter, Facebook and Google Local.

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